What are the new trends in furniture?

Furniture trends are shows by who is buying what and why they’re doing it. Trends must not be confused with fads, which are fickle. Trends are the undercurrents that can drive the results.

Some of the forces working behind furniture trends of the 21st century involve younger buyers and technology. Women have more buying power than ever and are more included in choosing and buying furniture. The globe appears to be shrinking, and there’s a rising concern for the environment. Such things have resulted in some furniture ideas riding a wave of popularity in the millennium.

Furniture With a Smaller Profile

Our living spaces are turning into small places, and large and ponderous furniture pieces seem out of place in many of today’s smaller homes. The shift toward smaller pieces goes hand-in-hand with a preference for furniture that’s less flashy and more contemporary.

More streamlined furniture appears to be the logical choice for consumers trying to make efficient use of their available space. Recliners and chairs with smaller profiles are increasingly available as women tend to need to buy furniture that’s more suited to their preferences

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is not a brand new concept, but it has come into its own — perhaps as a result of those smaller living spaces. You required furniture that can perform multiple tasks when space is at a premium.

Many buyers look for extra storage to reduce clutter. You may find storage in tables, under beds and in entertainment consoles. Multifunctional furniture may serve any number of additional uses other than its main function. It can be utilized for sleeping guests — or even pets.

Technology-Driven Furniture Design

Modern technology might have an effect on furniture design as well. Entertainment centers are obviously friendly to our entertainment paraphernalia, but bedroom sets, accent tables and other furniture pieces are also being made to accommodate gadgetry. often a traditional piece such as a roll-top desk can be updated to accommodate laptops and peripherals. The nightstands in the Hooker bedroom selection pictured here have pull-out shelves, outlets and USB ports for charging laptops, iPods and phones.

Popularity of Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is a surge in popularity. Yes, nostalgia is included, but the search for green furniture also contributes.

Vintage furniture is green on many counts. Although the finishes weren’t basically non-toxic, they’ve finished off-gassing so they’re safe for indoor air. When you buy vintage furniture or utilize furniture you’ve inherited, you’re rescuing it from going to landfills. It’s already survived many years so it’s probably well-made and durable. Hard economic times also made buying vintage furniture a feasible choice — it’s often less expensive.