An Asbestos Consultant you can Rely On

While the majority of people are aware that Asbestos can be dangerous and that there are health risks associated with handling it not many of us have the in depth knowledge required to know how to manage it safely if it is found to be within a property that we own or manage. While Asbestos being present isn’t unusual in older properties and it often doesn’t create any risk while it is undisturbed ensuring it is managed correctly is essential if you want to make sure that your building remains safe and complies with the law so if you are concerned that you may have asbestos within your property you should really get in touch with an asbestos consultant to make sure everything is ok.

At RB Asbestos Consultants they provide a whole range of asbestos related services both to residential and commercial clients so they can ensure that any asbestos within their property is managed effectively. Offering surveys and testing of any asbestos that is causing concern, help with creating asbestos management plans and advice regarding asbestos compliance at RB Asbestos Consultants they have a wide range of experience helping schools, , shops, hotels, landlords and many other clients make sure that they are safe and fully compliment with the law at all times.

Regardless of your industry or circumstances a professional asbestos consultant will be able to give you all the specialist help and advice you need to assess what risks the asbestos in your property could potentially cause and what measures you can take to help reduce them, they can advise about regular maintenance checks and let you know what you look out for. At RB Asbestos Consultants they aim to give every client an individual service that is most suited to their needs, offering training to larger organisations, multi-site management and many other flexible services you can be certain of a professional and reliable service every time.

So, if you work with an asbestos consultant, you get the benefit of a comprehensive asbestos survey. Your property is checked from top to bottom, and all of the main problem areas are searched. If any asbestos is detected, then the type is noted, the location of it, how bad it is, and so on. You’ll then have a management plan drawn up to see what happens next. 

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that’s proven to lead to a range of medical conditions. As the property owner, you’re legally forced to keep people in your property safe from harm. Thus, you must manage asbestos and understand what to do if any is detected. Working with an approved asbestos consultant is the best course of action as you’re guaranteed to comply with the current laws and regulations. Any asbestos will be detected, managed, and your property will be kept safe.