Filling Your Dream of Being an Homeowner

Are you ready to become homeowners? The purchase of a home, new or old, you committed for many years. So it is essential to prepare your project well. Real estate expert, Le Bon Agent presents the three essential tips to follow before buying.

  1. Optimize your visits

First of all, you must draw up a list that identifies your requirements (the environment, the characteristics of the house, your priorities, exhibitory elements etc.). This will save you time in your research. Remember to match your lifestyle and style of good. Between the dream and the aspirations of everyday life, there may be some gaps. Perfect opportunities for the classifieds real estate property information are there as well.

  • We must distinguish between buying old house and purchase (Sale to the Future State of Completion).
  • If you buy off plan, look at what the developer has already built. See photos of achievements or go to places of construction already completed.
  • For an old house, it is essential to visit several properties, without hurry. Carefully select the houses that fit your criteria.

Tips for visiting old houses:

  • Have the checklist you have prepared
  • Check it point by point
  • Gather as much information as possible about the operation of the house and the charges (electricity, heating, etc.)
  • Conduct a counter-visit will allow you to review the property thoroughly. It will lift your possible worries.
  1. Buy by negotiating or not the price of the house?

Crucial step in real estate buying: commitment to purchase, whether or not to go through a price negotiation?

Whether you buy a home directly from an individual or through a professional, make sure that the price is in line with the market. If the price is consistent, do not necessarily negotiate, because the good can be blown by another buyer. Only negotiate if facts allow you to do so. If you are dealing with a good real estate agent, this one has most often led the sale by applying price weighting points. Whether work, disadvantages, these are taken into account before marketing the property. So to succeed, you need to get a price corresponding to your budget with the improvements you find useful. Look at the market prices, find out how long the house is for sale, what are the projects around, estimate the cost of your work, and calculate travel time to get to your interests. So much valuable information to make your purchaseoffer.

  1. Prepare your funding well

This step is often considered before embarking on research.Evaluate your contribution: the higher your personal contribution, the less important your loan will be. Buying a home without input may be possible. Some banks may accept it under certain conditions. Take into account the ancillary costs related to the sale: agency fees, notary fees, house development costs, moving
expenses, etc.